General Policies - 2

Revised 6-27-2005


Overdue charges are charged on days that the library is open at the following rates, $.05 per day on books and magazines, $.50 per day on audio-visual materials. Overdue charges are limited to $5.00 fine per item. Patrons will not be allowed to check out materials or use the computers as long as they have overdue items out, and /or have unpaid fines. The staff will print out an overdue list weekly and call patrons that have a phone number. Any patrons without a phone will have a card mailed to them as a reminder.

The Aberdeen District Library will follow what is allowed in the Idaho Code to recover material. The library will make every effort by personal contact to have patrons return the materials before initiating the course of action outlined in the code.

Patrons who do not return materials or pay fines will have their privileges suspended until the issues are cleared up.

Damaged Materials

If library materials are damaged beyond normal wear and tear the patron will be fined at the Library Director’s discretion up to the replacement costs of the item(s). Replacement costs include the cost of the book, shipping, processing fees and fines if applicable.

Lost Materials

If library materials are lost, the patron will be charged the value of the book plus cost of processing fees. The patron will be given a receipt at the time of payment including the title and author, cost of book, fees, and fines.

When a patron finds a book they have paid for, we will verify our receipt for the amount charged and then reimburse the money less any fees and/or fines.

Overdue Policy

    When library materials are past due, the library will call or send a notice to the patron. Another notification will be made in a month. After two months, a letter indicating the replacement costs of the item(s) will be sent.

    At the quarterly meetings (January, April, July, October) of the Board of Trustees, the Director will present to the board a list of those patrons along with a list of those items.

    The Board will determine for each case if the section of Idaho code 33-2620 shall be initiated.

Petty Cash and Receipts

    This is located at the circulation desk. At least $5.00 in currency and change is kept. The business manager will keep track of the total intake and will deposit it in the bank.